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Beauty Space is the ideal regional meeting place for beauty professionals to connect with the global beauty community through B2B digital networking and matchmaking platform. Following from inaugural edition in 2020, Beauty Space returned in 2021 with a completely new and comprehensive online business matching solution, combining powerful forces together of six ASEAN beauty shows from Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam. 

Beauty Space provides lucrative opportunities in the beauty industry to answer a growing demand of shaping the future of beauty in this digital era, enabling key industry players to showcase latest product innovations & technology whilst meet international prospects all under one seamless platform. 

Why Beauty Space

AI-powered B2B matchmaking platform

Reach out to Informa Markets powerful International & ASEAN Beauty Shows database

1-on-1 live video chat

Live streaming and video-on-demand sessions

Boost your brand visibility in digital world

Target the fast growing and dynamic Southeast Asia beauty markets

Tap into Southeast Asia Market

Malaysia  Halal Cosmetics & Personal Care

With a growing consumer base across the world, halal cosmetics and personal care in Malaysia is poised to become a booming market whilst its expansion tapping into world international trade. The growth in this landscape lead to become one of the fastest growing consumer segments in a tremendous ways and opportunity.

Indonesia – Cosmetic Ingredients & Supply Chain

The cosmetic ingredients industry in Indonesia is evolving and manufacturers are becoming more dependent. Whilst raw material suppliers continuously introduce new active ingredients and excipients to support the development of new cosmetics. Managing the supply chain effectively is crucial for cosmetic companies to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

Philippines – Mass Beauty & Personal Care

The mass beauty and personal care products continued to dominate due to its greater affordability to the majority of the population in Philippines. The distribution especially during the pandemic was less impacted due to grocery retailers and drugstores / pharmacies that carry a wide range of mass beauty and personal care products.

Vietnam E-Commerce / Retailer & Cosmetics

The Vietnamese e-commerce market is forecast to continue booming and experts predicted e-commerce will create a new impetus for economic growth. This creates new opportunities for industry players to build business strategies and enter the market in digital world whilst recovering from the pandemic. Aside from that, the retail market is rising which attracts foreign retailers including cosmetics distributors.

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